At YDL Concert, we consistently provide the highest-quality dental restorations from materials you can trust. We offer all the brand name restorations and materials you prescribe, such as IPS e.max®, PFM, PFZ, BruxZir®, and full-contour zirconia. The difference is that our experienced YDL Concert team knows how to deliver restorations with improved vitality and consistently better fit and faster seating times. In addition, all of our restorations are available in four different price tiers that are based on the level of customization required.

When you choose the exceptional restorations from YDL Concert, you will discover the best seats in the house.

Features & Benefits

YDL Concert offers all the latest restorations in four different product lines, ensuring you never have to overpay for lab work your case does not require. Our team has undergone extensive training and has worked with members in Dawson, LVI, Pankey, AACD, and more. They can deliver all restoration types, from the most basic “straight shades” to highly complex cases. All our restoration tiers can be easily selected from our electronic online prescriptions with at-a-glance case tracking.

Features YDL Concert Premium YDL Concert Premium+ YDL Concert Masterline
Price $$ $$$ $$$$
Concierge Level Technical Support & Customer Service Yes Yes Yes
Level of Customization Available YDL Concert Premium YDL Concert Premium+ YDL Concert Masterline
Free 360-Degree Ceramic Margins Included Yes Yes Yes
Additional Translucency and Effect Powders for Enhanced Depth and Translucency Yes Yes
Manufacturing Location Various YDL Concert, Carrollton, TX USA

*Crown and Bridge reimbursement rates shown and applies to all PFM, PFZ, eMax, full contour zirconia, veneers, crowns and bridges. See YDL Concert Profit Protection Table for additional restoration types.

The Performance of a Lifetime

YDL Concert combines the dental lab industry’s best and most experienced talent and technology with globally recognized manufacturing practices to deliver restorations that can be counted on for durability and to meet the long-term performance expectations set by each restorative materials manufacturer. Clients and their patients benefit from our innovative digital process that create ultra-precise, consistent fits, both at the margin and over large spans, every time.

360-Degree Seating

Every YDL Concert crown comes with 360-degree ceramic margins at absolutely no additional cost. These 360-degree ceramic margins are precisely manufactured using the latest technology and materials to ensure the best fit, long-term durability, and optimal esthetics for your patients.

Turnaround Times that Fit Your Schedule

We know getting your cases when you need them is critical to your practice. YLD Concert provides a unique online prescription that allows you to choose any of our restorations, as well as their due date. You will never again have to call to schedule your case or worry about a case arriving on time. In our online prescription, simply choose your preferred date. If you can choose it, you can get it by that time. It is that easy to prescribe YDL Concert restorations.

Specifying a turnaround time is just one part of the equation, which is why we pride ourselves on quick delivery time, irrelevant of the restoration type or tier level. In addition, our automated daily case status emails, friendly customer service, and online at-a-glance case calendar make double-checking your case status efficient and easy.